There is so much beauty in this world...

domingo, 7 de mayo de 2017

It´s just like that sudden feeling. Like being transported to somewhere. Three months ago or one year ago, when you felt a whole different way or when you were phenomally happy. And then that makes you miserable because you´re not really that happy now.
Or it´s back to that time when you were so sad. Like, so sad. When everything was falling apart. Like " I don´t want to be here", " why is this song doing this to me".
And I´m the worst person at that, cause I lose control completely. Like, we were in a pub once, and I just bust into floods of tears. And it wasn´t even like, a that sad song, it was a song that I absolutely loved. There´s so many songs like that. And it´s just that song, like, it fills inside you. And it´s´s hard.
And horrible that a bunch of words and a melody can make you feel like that.